Club Classics

In the world of dance music the DJ is king, but Nick chose not to venture behind the decks, preferring to leave that to the experts. But realising early on that DJ's need records to play, this is where he concentrates his efforts, his goal being to make high quality productions that connect with the crowd to which the DJ is playing. In short, he wants to cast the DJ in the best possible light by contributing great tunes to his collection.

Nicks long standing involvement with the dance scene grants him a valuable and useful perspective and he is concious of the ever changing stylistic shifts that are a vital part of what makes dance music tick. The music sounds at its best when its fresh - no-one knows this better than Nick Muir.

Whether its remixes, edits or original tunes, Nick will always do his best to make sure his productions sound upfront and powerful.

If you feel you would like to know more about what Nick may be able to contribute to a track or project that you are involved in working on then get in touch at

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Feedback From The City
G Platz

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