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In the course of his career, Nick Muir has seen and been a part of a paradigm shift in music production techniques. Use of the computer in music and its development in the studio has had a dramatic effect on what is possible, the time frames involved and the associated budgets.

Nick has a wealth of experience when it comes to using the computer as an instrument but also has the playing skills and musical knowledge gained from his years working using traditional methods, along with the grounding of a classical training. He is capable of working in an extraordinarily broad range of styles and can turn in convincing pieces extremely quickly if required.

His experience of music sequencing software and in particular the ability to run quicktime movies alongside the sequencer has allowed to him to develop a style that can mirror very closely the action on screen if that is what is appropriate, but of course he is also able to provide and work up any idea from any start point.

In short if you have some kind of idea or vision of a particular piece or type of music then Nick will realise it for you - or get you so damn close you wont notice the difference.


Current releases

Feedback From The City
G Platz

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